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I basically am against discrimination on the basis of one's employer for the same principles behind any individual freedom. I might not like your work, but I respect that you are a taxpayer in the same state as me and as such contribute to our ability to meet in relative peace in the first place, and I won't condone organized discrimination against you on the basis of your legal work. If anything, I will petition the state to make your work illegal.

I disagree. It's dangerous to let people slide because "they're just doing their job". People "just doing their job" are the enablers. Without them, none of the really serious man-made tragedies of history would have been possible.

I have no problem with protesting the work people do. I just have a problem with locking them out of the protest.

No one is locking them out of protesting in general. Just our protest.

Well, it seems we have incompatible ethics. Either you violate mine or I violate yours.

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