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There is no easy secure way of having audio and/or video chats? Like we had with skype before microsoft stepped in.

XMPP is here, and we have no real good clients either for desktop and for Android we got basically none that supports Jingle.

Jitsi supports ZRTP and Jingle (experimental).

Ive tried it, it sucks and crashed too many times, bugs reported, but gave up.

Jitsi also doesnt run on our phones last time I checked.

Basically we have these smart-phones, awesome hardware, good devices, but we cant use them to talk confidentially with our friends.

Lot's of clients are stuck because they use Telepathy:



Libpurple doesn't seem to move either: https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/11221

Those are major libraries which are used on the desktop and mobile, and that's probably the reason why you don't see actual clients with ZRTP support.

You are on Hacker News. Go fix it then or write a better one. Just keep in mind that you must make it open and non-proprietary, or else it will suffer the same fate as Skype. You see the conundrum here?

Maybe help project Tox? https://github.com/irungentoo/ProjectTox-Core/blob/master/do...

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