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I do consider it a pathology when tiny services, or tiny apps in a corporate structure, act like they have the problems of Google.

You are not Google.

You do not have Google's problems.

You do not have scaling issues.

For you, N is small and will stay small.

Stop giving me this delusional resume-padding garbage to implement. For you, here, it is delusion and lies.

The point here is that Twitter really is one of the cases where vertical scaling is not, on the balance of non-functional requirements to engineering overhead, the right decision. They really do need to pay the complexity piper.

Oh, yeah. I'm speaking to everyone else :-)

I remember asking a question about scaling on SO and getting a response about how my data was small, because it could fit on an SSD (for that one small component)

I miss not having real scaling issues sometimes. They make my head hurt.

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