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How to Hack LinkedIn (medium.com)
18 points by tomazstolfa 1477 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

The article says "How many times section can be found in the lower right" under who has viewed your profile. I don't see this? Is it a premium account feature only? Article says it's free...

It should be available for everyone, go to Who viewed your profile and check the stats on the right

I'm looking at that page right now and don't see it. I see the chart of views, the text "How many times you appeared in LinkedIn Search", with the total number of hits displayed and the counter showing the weekly change next to (as I can see in your screenshot in the blog). But there is nothing below that.

I'm not seeing the keyword stats, either. Could be a premium feature?

And I meant to say nice job too... good post :-)

Very interesting post, LinkedIn SEO is not something you, or at least I, usually think about. Well worth a read for anyone looking for a job right now, or any time in the foreseeable future.

First time I've seen the InMaps feature as well, which is amazing, just love visualizations of social networks.

Thanks for the posting man, you are really quick

Great post! I know how I will be spending this evening. Anyone else have LinkedIn hacks they want to share?

Hah, feel free to add me and I might share with you a couple more tricks :)

Very useful, low hanging fruit :)

exactly, you literally need 30 minutes to double your profile views.

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