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"For starters, some embedded controllers in racks in the auxilliary deisel generator control rooms have EPROMs which have been known to be erased by camera flashes in the past, triggering a generator trip"

Wow, I don't know where to begin with this one. Either the engineers have completely lost all knowledge about how their controllers operate, or nobody has the right mind to think about putting opaque labels on the EPROM chips or over the controller board itself?

This kind of stuff borders on urban legend / cargo cult engineering territory.

Or they do put opaque labels on the EPROMs but such labels occasionally fall off or are forgotten.

Belt and suspenders.

Err, or maybe it's just a sensible precaution, because relying on a single defense against failure is a bad idea?

In 1997, someone taking a picture of an embedded controller board at the Haddam Neck nuclear plant set off the fire protection systems in the control room, causing everyone to evacuate the control room for an hour.


And the conclusion?

"They also confirmed that the light from the Canon flash and the Polaroid flashbulb could be effectively blocked by "black bagging" the flash, or by blocking the EPROM window with "tin foil" held in place by clear cellulose tape, or by blocking the EPROM window with "standard electrical tape."

No shit, now read my post again with the knowledge that I already knew that! :)

You're absolutely right. My apologies.

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