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"we as a country don't do actual engineering anymore"

Let's see - within a few miles of Edinburgh we have being built:

- 65000 ton aircraft carriers

- A new 2700m road bridge over the Firth of Forth

- Eurofighter work

- A new railway being open to the Borders (OK - reopening an old line)

OK, I won't mention our trams, but there certainly seems to be a hell of a lot of "engineering" going on in the immediate vicinity.

Maybe Edinburgh is unusual in having such a burst of engineering activity in our vicinity?

NB Even the crane built to build the aircraft carriers is an impressive bit of engineering:


I rather like the fact that the huge crane has another crane on top of it - which looks tiny but is probably quite large!

Heh, 65k ton carrier, how cute! :)

Edinburg sounds a lot like Hampton Roads, VA, where we build lots of defense stuff, including the 100k ton Gerald Ford class nuclear carriers, with the largest gantry crane in the western hemisphere - fun fact, they hoist the island of the carrier onto the flight deck. Amazing engineering work going on there!

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