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I learn that first impression doesn't last. I have a housemate that seemed clicked ("you're an IT student? great, i graduated from IT!") but end up annoying:

- never flushes after urinating

- spends 24x7 inside the house (he skips classes almost 100%) with aircond+PC+lights on, but demanding we share the bills equally

- frequently forgets to turn off bathroom lights, tap water (when filling up his drinking bottle) and exhaust fan (after cooking)

- leaves dirty dishes for, literally, a week or two

- sometimes borrows pennies (smaller than $50) from me and return it after weeks even though he always says, "tomorrow bro" (i don't demand it, he simply says it), but it doesn't stop him from buying stuff like perfume

- controlled our internet so he "owned" the majority of bandwidth

- at his 30s

now, what do you call a guy like that?

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