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Looks like whoever posted this got around the repost limit by appending a '?' to the end of the url. Someone should fix that.

Yeah, because we should never, ever be subjected to the same content twice. After all, this is Hacker News, not Hacker Olds, amirite?

(Sorry for the snark. I have been reading Hacker News for several years, and I don't recollect having read this article before. I enjoyed it, I upvoted it, and I'm glad it was reposted.)

Y'know, if I'd known it was an evergreen I'd have posted it myself, for the link karma.


Come on, surely you already have far more internet points than any one man needs. Share the wealth a little!

I have vague recollection of reading it on HN before, but meh, it's not like we're wading through a swamp of reposts. My scrollwheel still works.

And sometimes the page changes but the url stays the same

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