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Not the parent poster, but I also live in an medium-density urban setting and obsess slightly over commute length. I'm in my mid-20s, which is probably the stereotypical age for someone in that living situation, but my neighborhood is age-diverse, and the lady next door to me is in her sixties and retired, and has less of a back yard than I do. I certainly think different people will have different lifestyles with different needs, but I'm generally skeptical of the idea that there's an age in which people need, for example, yard space, that they didn't need before... people can choose their own priorities regardless of age, and figure out how to make due without the lower-priority ones (maybe by learning to make better use of public green space instead of depending on a private yard).

My commute is ~15 minutes each direction on a bike. It's not uncommon for many of my suburb-dwelling coworkers to commute 45 minutes each way, which adds up to about two weeks' worth of waking-time days over the course of a year. Personally I don't think I'd see the value in having more outdoor space around my house if it meant having so much less time to spend there, and I don't see that attitude changing as I age.

Yeah, I guess correlating it to age maybe isn't the right metric. I guess in one sense, as you age you're potentially more-likely to have a larger family, requiring a larger living space to accomodate the additional bodies. Larger living spaces in a city will cost more, and a yard (or some form of property) provides a way to be at home without being on top of one another. But you're right - age isn't necessarily the right association for housing desires for everybody, and the lifestyles and family-lives of people are certainly varied.

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