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FYI: The Steam version of the game still has a phone-home, always-online DRM which requires you to maintain connectivity in order to play. This is not the standard Steam DRM.

I was about to buy Chrono Trigger for my Android the other day but luckily I read through reviews before. It too requires an online authentication at least at every start. I passed.

And, in an attempt to secure their software, they push people into the arms of emulation and easy to find, DRM-free, ROMs. Bafflingly short sighted, as usual.

Yeah this screwed me. I bought it right when it came out and planned to play it on a long flight.

Mind numbingly stupid DRM for a mobile device.

Thank you, this is the information I was looking for. They won't have my money, then.

Why is it so difficult to do GOG-like releases? I would buy things like this with my eyes closed.

Still? I bought the game from Square a few months ago, and it works perfectly without internet connection. I don't know about this Steam version though.

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