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I'm leaving SendGrid (theycallmeswift.com)
24 points by geekgirlweb on July 3, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

Not as interesting as the last time a developer evangelist left SendGrid.

^truth. Swift is pretty awesome though and I'll be genuinely interested to hear what kind of mischief he'll be getting himself into next!

Thanks! Keep your eyes out for more news in the coming month.

Swift is pretty awesome

Yes, yes he is.

Most developer evangelists are awesome people. :)

I think you mean latter not later, in:

>In this post, I’m going to focus on the former and save the later for another time.

anyway, best of luck, I hope you find a way to help more people and have fun along the way!

Great catch, thanks.

P.S. My name is Swift. I'm a developer evangelist at SendGrid and one of the founders of Hacker League. I also tweet as @SwiftAlphaOne. Follow me there for more of my thoughts and maybe a laugh or two.

Good catch! Updated it to say "former" :)

Will you still go to East Coast Hackathons (PennApps, HackPrinceton etc)? I enjoyed your demos and appreciated your help.

Yep, I'll definitely still be in the scene. Those events were really important to me when I was a younger developer, so I'll be continuing to support them into the future

Good luck Swift - I'm sure you'll do great things. That is indeed a heck of a scaling problem!

Thanks! Really appreciate the support

ok - so someone downvoted my comment here.. nice. :)

Great post Swift. Good luck on your future adventures. You know I'll be in touch.

Best of luck to you, Swift - I know you'll be successful :)

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