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Yep. South African here.

You arguably have more to fear from your own government, which has far greater capability to (legally) spy on your electronic communications in real-time.

Both the NCC and the Interception Centres set up under RICA have virtually unlimited power and access, in fact every service provider is required by law to install the equivalent of Verizon's Room 641A which feeds data real-time directly to an Interception Centre.

AFAIK there are no physical RICA interception centres up and running yet.

I'm hearing conflicting reports. I know Laurie Fialkov of CyberSmart has stated that there aren't any up and running and no live interception happening, but I've heard elsewhere that at least one large one exists. I'd be interested in hearing the responses to the same question posed to Telkom, Vodacom, MTN & Cell C, who would be the first to be approached for live streaming.

We do know that the OIC carried out 3 million interceptions between 2006 and 2010 and the implication has been that at least some were live.

The biggest problem at the moment though is the NCC, which the Matthews Commission found regularly conducted warrantless bulk interceptions and environmental scanning. Unfortunately the Matthews Commission's recommendations went nowhere and from what I'm hearing the NCC has even fewer internal controls on what it monitors within our borders.

I just wish South Africans would have as much outrage about what happens locally as they do for what the NSA does.

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