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My two cents here: Benchmarking is all fine, but from my point of view, the performance-price-ratio is not sooooo important in hosting.

This discussion here reminds me of PC customers buying behavior in the 90ies. What's better AMD or Intel? ... Nowadays other features are key: What's the weight of this device? How thick is it even? Apple has changed the way we look at these things today.

Convenience also matters in hosting a lot. How much time do i have to spend to have my app up and running? Do i really want to set up and maintain everything myself? How good is the support? Do i want just bare metal computing resources or a solution provider with an eco system?

What matters the fastest server ever, when the queries are slow? The performance of any app/website relies heavily on the engineering skills of the developers. See caching, see i/o load, see frontend technolgies, see #perfmatters.

disclaimer: i am co-founder of a PHP PaaS.

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