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I think a lot of people think of the benefits of AWS is that it is the cloud and therefore infinascale. The thing that I see most frequently is that there are generally a minimum number of servers that always need to be on, then if needed, spin up some temporary servers to fill the short term spike. It is not trivial to write this kind of automated autoscaling, and I would wager that a lot of companies that have not heavily invested in their dynamic resource allocation scripts are not really benefiting from AWS the way they think they should.

While it is cool that AWS has a ton of services they offer, I do not like the vendor lockin that comes with AWS services. I think it is generally a better strategy to go with something OpenStack based. That way you can use your own hardware and dynamically provision new nodes in "the cloud" with companies like HP, RackSpace, and others. With modern day virtualization, running your own hardware can often be much cheaper and much more performant than AWS.

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