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Truly amazing and inspiring. I was worried that Snowden's father was going to continue, through his attorney, to try and dissuade his terrified son from persisting in his convictions; thus, I was preparing to be disappointed in his father's loyalty. Instead, I was greeted with a well-thought-out letter of encouragement to who I'm sure is a very scared 30-year-old. My spirits have been lifted. Thank you, Lon Snowden, for making the right decision.

It is absolutely great to hear these comparisons made and the support of his father. I'm very glad the father went through an attorney in this situation, instead of the possibility of some ludicrous claim (like interfering in an open investigation, or some other charge that I know the FBI has done to break people[0]) if he supported him directly.

[0] http://www.thenation.com/article/174851/strange-case-barrett...

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