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My intended tone was not "don't try", but "try harder".

I've listed at least 5 ways to improve/normalize the testing, as well as linking to a document that does a pretty good job of explaining statistics (particularly, how programmers do a bad job of statistics; baselines for benchmarks; etc).

"At least he's out there trying" -- with this not-so-great benchmarking, the author has just effectively SHITTED on 2/3 companies that have gone to great lengths to build amazing infrastructure AND managed to spread his FUD around the web, to the point where it reached the HN front page -- and you want credit for trying?

Get the hell out of the way.

It's true: you don't say something like "Well, Amazon just sucks." without backing the statement up with something more credible. As someone a little less savvy on the topic I'm glad to know that the test wasn't even close to the final word and why. Thank you.

It's probably also true that your tone is more abrasive than it needs to be.

Part of the problem is a benchmark like this, put together with plain ignorance, and published on the web will give people who don't know any better all kinds of false perceptions.

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