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The other thing Amazon offers is investor confidence. I've worked with several clients who could save tons of money every month by going to Linode, DO, etc., but stay with Amazon (or Heroku) because they feel it reassures investors they are following "best practices." I can understand lots of reasons not to switch, e.g. just having higher priorities, but this reason seems particularly silly.

It's not that silly when you consider the security track record of AWS compared to Linode.

Can you elaborate on their track records?

[1] - https://blog.linode.com/2013/04/16/security-incident-update/ [2] - http://arstechnica.com/business/2012/03/bitcoins-worth-22800...

I believe there may have been other incidents.

That said, I still have a number of services running happily on Linode. :)

It's more than just those incidents though. It's about basic security practices. No security audits. Passwords stored in plain text. Major discrepancies in the story from what Linode says versus the hacker specifically around whether the private key was compromised and credit cards stolen.

And it's just a continued pattern of incompetence and cover up.

For us another AWS benefit is the have a datacentre in Australia which is essential for us - storing our data overseas would require all sorts of extra legal hassle. Any performance boost from a different provider would be lost due to the extra network latency getting to the US.

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