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> AFAICT, Linode doesn't offer that, and they probably won't.

While perhaps not entirely as mature and full featured as AWS's offering, Linode does offer an api with which you can script creation/initialization of test servers.

See https://www.linode.com/api/linode

They also offer something called StackScript, that to me looks like some kind of configuration management script. https://www.linode.com/stackscripts/

I use Linode. I like Linode.

But they do not make it very easy to spin up / down new instances. Setting aside the API, they bill you for a full month for a new instance as soon as you create it. True, you get a pro-rated credit if you delete it earlier but this is awkward and I think it only pro-rates by the day.

And StackScripts kinda sorta work, but they are hard to write/debug and are not portable. It's a pretty weak offering.

To be fair, stack scripts are just shell code. You specify an interpretor and write them to be portable, and they will be portable.

You're right, I overstated that.

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