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...and the author is using Laravel, which delivers stunningly terrible latency and throughput performance in the techempower benchmarks:


Would be nice to see similar benchmarks using a framework that doesn't resemble a honeypot's tarpit.

Hi. Laravel user/contributor here. I suggest you try the framework before judging it based on a benchmark. Not sure about their system/code, but a large production application with APC (Laravel 3.2.14, just like the benchmark) has a latency of 90-120ms, and some of those pages are pretty complex.

Techempower invites SMEs and advocates of their language/platform to submit pull requests to improve any overlooked performance problems in the specific benchmarks.

You're more than welcome to help make laravel look better in these benchmarks. But unless you're running the PHP through HipHop, I doubt you're going to get anywhere near the statically-compiled platforms near the top.

Laravel 4 appears to have done some massive cleaning up, too, if my test install's memory usage and files included counts are accurate.

agreed, but... the benchmarks given also show a marked difference between amazon ec2 and direct hardware - ec2 seems to be the common culprit.

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