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I don't mean to sound like a cynic, but: I don't think much will happen unless the number of protesters is in the many millions. Here's why: think back to Occupy. What did that movement want? A simple prosecution of the criminals who precipitated the 2008 crisis. But till date nothing has happened. Here we're talking about the government itself committing violations; what are the chances they'll do anything, when they did nothing to the bankers?

TL;DR: the only way we have a chance in hell is to have a HUGE turnout.

So wouldn't it make more sense to promote a turnout rather than talk down the possibility of turning out achieving anything? I'll be at the Old State house in Boston at 9:30am.

Don't get me wrong! I am saying that we need a huge turnout to effect change.

So let's have a HUGE turnout!

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