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Implementation isn't the only cost of features. You need to test them so they don't break. Features can be a burden for the codebase and removal can lead to many edge cases becoming unnecessary. A magnitude of features can overwhelm users, especially occasional users. They steal attention from other features that you may find more important.

And the most important point here: This feature really is broken as of today. Nobody can persuade me that they use it on their main browsers. I don't believe them.

There are some web sites that use a Javascript to prevent one from right clicking on images to save them; disabling Javascript is a workaround for that. I wouldn't be surprised if that is in common use.

But you don't need to disable JS altogether to prevent that, only disable replacing context menus. Unfortunately for that argument, updating to FF23 removes all of the 'advanced' JS options, not just the checkbox to disable it altogether.

But then deactivating javascript for the whole browser isn't the right solution, because it breaks everything. You simply use NoScript.

Certain shopping sites disable right-click to prevent you from comparing prices.

Certain lyrics sites disable right-click to prevent "theft".

Certain sites disable right-click for aesthetics or to prevent me from seeing the page source.

This news just makes me glad I'm on chrome.

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