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First official Brain-Computer Interface journal coming in January 2014 (neurogadget.com)
18 points by jonbaer 1630 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I am convinced that a Siri-like interface could (with existing or almost-existing technology) tap into the writings of a deceased person and answer questions shockingly well - questions from loved ones to start, but even from people 1000 years from now.

Especially if the deceased person had been planning and recording anticipated questions for a year or two.

What better way to preserve yourself for posterity? You could charge a million dollars and still get plenty of customers today - even if you told them it wouldn't be possible yet for years.

I remember listening to old audio of W. Clement Stone saying the way to sell life insurance wasn't to convince the person that it would take care of their family once they were gone, but to tell the person that it was the only way to continue to control their family and direct their finances after they had died. People have an urgent need to retain some type of control, and they know without their help their family would certainly make poor and unwise choices.

Not exactly sure, but aren't most journals a rip-off for both the submitting scientists as well as the readers?

As far as I know the submitter has to give all the rights to the journal while the reader pays a shitload of money that doesn't even go to the submitter (the people doing the actual science, you know?)…

What makes it "official"?

i think it is the first journal solely focused on BCI and it will likely become the journal of the (eventual) (official) BCI Society.

the there's no official BCI society yet, but the people who put on the meeting where this announcement was made http://bcimeeting.org/ are actively investigating becoming one.

then again, the same question can be asked, what makes their society the official society?

First come, first serve? I don't really know, but I reacted similarly to you.

Endorsed by a brain.

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