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Why Germany Should Offer Snowden Asylum (nationalinterest.org)
12 points by NonEUCitizen 1487 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

There is a vast difference between the German public and the German state apparatus. While I believe that the German public are horrified by the actions of the US government, the German state publicly will denounce it, but privately will be asking for access.

There is an election coming in Germany. All the political complaining is just sabre-rattling.

This will never happen. There's no way in hell Germany jeopardizes their relationship with the US over Snowden. Not a chance.

I'm not so sure. If Germany doesn't get honest information on the true scale and intention of US spying, they know Snowden will have answers. This is a matter of national security for Germany.

For Germany, this is like discovering their "friendly neighbor" across the street is a peeping tom. The relationship is already compromised.

Exactly. Most Germans accept nearly everything, except if it comes to their privacy. And I'd strongly support such a move.

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