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RTC Roulette – like Chat Roulette but uses WebRTC (twelephone.com)
68 points by cmatthieu 1570 days ago | hide | past | web | 41 comments | favorite

Like ChatRoulette, only you always get connected to someone with an interest in nascent web standards.

I would pay money to have a chatroulette/omegle/etc that matched me up with people I'd actually like to talk to.

Stay tuned for an Expert Directory coming soon from Twelephone (http://twelephone.com)

I am working on this problem. Feel free to contact me; my email is in my profile if you are interested in talking about it.

Just had a chat, so it definitely works! Text chat area is missing, but otherwise impressive.

Also, right now it's probably 90% HN users, that's a very interesting crowd to meet randomly.

Yea, missing text chat but I'm glad someone did something like this.

Thanks for your kind words! I wrote this app in approximately 6 hours using Node.JS while at NodeConf. I do plan to improve upon it and welcome pull requests. The code is available at https://github.com/twelephone/rtcroulette

Can't wait for the next nodeaz meetup... would be cool to get a demo on the use of domains...

Looks pretty cool :)

We recently added WebRTC to echoplexus https://chat.echoplex.us/ https://github.com/qq99/echoplexus

Similar application (more game oriented) released few weeks ago for the Jamendo Apps Contest: http://developer.jamendo.com/v3.0/app/4

It's great to see cool stuff being built on Phono! I'm not a javascript developer by any means, but when I tried to write a few voice and text chat demos, Phono made it a piece of cake. I didn't play with the WebRTC support, but I see it keeps improving at a rapid pace, e.g. http://blog.phono.com/2013/02/05/phono-0-6-is-here-with-webr... and http://blog.phono.com/2013/06/25/phono-now-with-firefox-and-...

(Full disclosure: I used to work for Voxeo Labs)

Hehe... It's trending on HN, but no one picks up the phone. Trying it for 3 minutes :-)

Has anybody gotten this to work yet? (The comments below imply nobody has.)

EDIT: Yeah it works, just keep pressing "roulette".

FEATURE REQUEST: I would really like a mic testing function. I can't tell if it's working or not.

Yea, I just talked to someone in Lithuania! It was exciting to see someone that read hacker news as I know no other person who reads it too.

That was my only successful attempt. Now I keep trying but the call doesn't go through.

Hello, that was me!

Haha, nice! Now you can show me your work :)

I just talked to someone in France from San Francisco #HDvideo #HDaudio #p2p #secure #awesome

So could something like this replace Skype someday?

yes. but Microsoft has proposed a different protocol that is based on Skype technology ideas: http://html5labs.interoperabilitybridges.com/cu-rtc-web/cu-r...

Google and Mozilla are pushing the WebRTC: http://www.webrtc.org/

Skype has two things WebRTC lacks:

A directory



Without those things it's hard to compete with Skype or the PSTN.

Twelephone (http://twelephone.com) uses Twitter as its user directory and is almost at feature parity with Skype ;)

"Almost at feature parity" is kind of an outrageous claim... I just gave it a try with a friend, and it was glitchy, our video was stretched out (on both ends), there's a big "More" button that does nothing, no file transfers, no screen sharing, not sure if conference calls are even supported, etc. If only there were an open-source private version of Google Hangouts.

Yes, checkout http://twelephone.com from the same guys who wrote RTC Roulette. It's WebRTC-powered skype clone which attaches to Twitter for the user directory.

Yes, I find it much better to have my business meetings conducted with surprise strangers added.

Looks neat but it's taking forever for someone else to join.

Same here. cmatthieu, what use do you want to give to this?


a bit offtopic: I am searching for a WebRTC server stack for Node.js or PHP (libevent). I would like to host the STUN, ICE handling on my own server. The only project I found that supports recent WebRTC API changes is https://github.com/priologic/easyrtc . Has someone tried it on a production environment, are there maybe better alternatives?

RTC Roulette was built with Phono v1.1 with WebRTC and SIP support - http://blog.phono.com/2013/06/25/phono-now-with-firefox-and-...

Phono says "Sign Up for an API Key". It's a service, they provide just an SDK.

I am searching for open source alternatives that allow me to install the whole WebRTC server software part on my own server. (for Node.js or PHP + libevent)

I have never used it but I've seen it demoed at the most recent London Node.js User Group meeting and it was pretty impressive: https://github.com/malditogeek/vmux

Impressive for a quick hack. Will you be polishing it?

Yes, please tweet bug reports and feature ideas to http://twitter.com/rtcroulette or send us pull requests at https://github.com/twelephone/rtcroulette

Stuck at "Wait for someone else to join."

Is it possible to try without twitter login?

RTC Roulette doesn't ask for a twitter login.

Any reason why the aspect ratio is off?

Yea, I'm stretching the remote video element. We could use a designer's help to pretty this app up. The code is on GitHub at https://github.com/twelephone/rtcroulette

Just fixed the stretch issue.

Well, now I have to put on a shirt.

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