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Sean Parker and Silicon Valley’s noxious taste for narcissism (medium.com)
14 points by njr123 1544 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Wow, this article is just dripping with cynical bile. Probably Sean Parker is a bit narcissistic (I don't really know because I don't pay attention to him), and 10k words does seem a bit excessive, however I read the opening paragraphs and Parker comes off pretty well, certainly nothing he's saying seems to justify this boiling rage. I also don't see how a wedding in a campground is some kind of environmental travesty.

I'm sure someone will pop in to correct me, but just based on these two articles the blogger comes off way worse. He seems to have some deep seated bitterness and envy about Parker's wealth and fame that he feels is unearned and the symbol of some great Silicon Valley decadence.

But it's important to remember that fame is a product of society, individuals don't choose what types of activities are eligible for fame. We have an entire industry of reality TV shows where people literally become famous by wanting to be famous and seeing who can make a bigger jackass of themselves to get people talking about them, so I'm hard-pressed to get my knickers twisted over the banality of startup culture.

Nope, that's not just you. This blog post drip so much hatred I had to clean my hard drive.

I read Sean's piece without knowing it was him (now reading it again, I feel stupid for having skipped that) or even knowing what happened. You know what this piece felt like without knowing these two informations?

"Some guy had a nice wedding, the public went nuts about some false (according to him) information and he's coming back to tell his side of the story, ask for the public to reconsider their wrongdoing in this public lynch mob he's finding himself at the mercy of. He alsto tries to remind everybody that a wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful expression of love between two persons and even if something that you think COMPLETELY WRONG happens because of said marriage, there would've been better ways to say it than repeatedly calling your spoose names".

Okay, not quite 9K words. And yes, maybe he didn't need that many words. But I think "yo guyz, I didn't cut no trees, u shuld chill out dudez" wouldn't have had the same weight. Seriously, what's f*cking wrong with a "9666 words essay"? That's CHILDISH coming from a guy who wasted 1186 words spreading hate. As for the "[TechCrunch] [bending] over backwards", what was the alternative? The local school's publication? This piece was written for the tech world, because it's his world, as much as the world where all his current and future network live in, so he had to come clean to these persons and whatever your opinion on TC is (we all got one, don't worry) this was one of the best mediums available.

I kind of feel sorry for Sean, that he had to shell out several million dollars to have a magic wedding.

I just got home from San Francisco City Hall, and post nuptial boozing on the way back. It was just one wedding after another, with a couple thousand people cheering each newly wedded couple.

I'd be willing to bet that the people who showed up at City Hall tonight were happy as clams with their cheap ass county seat weddings. I was just there to witness it all, and was bowled over by the whole scene. But I guess if you're stinking rich, you've got to put one over on the Jones...

Agreed. Was married in the courthouse. No wedding. Been happily married for 7 years and expect many more to follow.

Silicon Valley can be plenty narcissistic, yes, but it doesn't strike me as more narcissistic than the rest of our society.

You know what's narcissistic? That this is in the front page of a site called "Hacker news"

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