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> Meanwhile I see Hungarian, famous for being the hardest language to learn

Source? It's hard to determine which language is hardest to learn since it all depends on what languages you already speak.

People who are familiar with Finnish and Estonian probably won't find Hungarian too hard, because the three languages are related.

Another example: Is English hard to learn? Probably not if your native language is a Germanic one (such as Dutch), but if your native language is Japanese, English might be a serious challenge.

As a Finn, I have to point out that just because Finnish and Hungarian are related, it doesn't mean it is easy to learn, or in any way "not weird" to us. Some basic things about the grammar are the same, but you wouldn't be able to tell that they're related without a higher degree in linguistics. I think Hungarian is usually considered very difficult to learn precisely because it doesn't resemble any other language. Nothing you know already will make it (noticeably) easier to learn.

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