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Snowden's father says NSA leaker may return to US if certain conditions are met (rt.com)
12 points by Libertatea 1609 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

I agree this is not really news but if you do want to read this story it's better to read the source at NBC which has a little more information and the actual interview, http://www.today.com/news/edward-snowdens-father-my-son-not-...

The headline is a little misleading.

"Lonnie Snowden, who has not spoken to his son since April, believes his son was manipulated by third parties, including WikiLeaks."

>Snowden wants to remain at large before trial and choose where it would take place... Edward Snowden also would like prosecutors not to file a so-called gag order, which bans information or any comments from being made public, Lonnie Snowden said.

I don't understand. His father is just making this stuff up?

I wonder if that's what FBI put in his head when they went to talk to him about his son.

And once again, YCombinator shows its love affair with anything related to Edward Snowden.

Are we just going to pretend that this forum is not tech related anymore? This stuff is barely even news, and has reached "gossip" levels. There is literally nothing of relevance to be said in this article.

Note: YCombinator != HackerNews readers (I do agree that there's not much substance to this article).

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