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Performance Tuning at Airbnb - How we cut our site load time by 25% (airbnb.com)
51 points by ChrisArchitect 1610 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

Good to remember that most time is lost in the HTTP request, even though countless developer cycles are lost trying to do sub-100ms optimizations in server code. (To say nothing about online debates about such optimizations)

That's certainly what we've encountered; while engineering purity and cleanliness is very important, from a strict performance angle, most of the benefit is found by optimizing the number of requests and size of assets. This is further magnified by heavily-cached applications that don't even hit an origin server that often.

Of course, once the client side is heavily optimized, the server will be a next target.

While we're still quite in the midst of working on optimizations and are nowhere near perfect, we're making good progress and hope that by sharing our tools and the techniques we've taken to optimize times we can help others with our issues!

You optimize what you measure, and some things are easier to measure than others, so those tend to get optimized first.

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