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My 5-year-old son died 7 months ago. Help me find out why (change.org)
21 points by steve918 1487 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

Who oversees the medical examiner's department? The governor or state legislature or other locally elected officials should be taken to task for the delays.

I do not see how asking US senators can help.

I hope some explanation comes soon.

Thank you, when I put this up this morning I wasn't really sure to whom I was petitioning to be honest. It looks like the medical examiner office is overseen by the governor of Oklahoma.

This really sucks, and I completely understand the need for closure.

At least in the Bay Area the various coroners process suspected homocides first, then suspected plagues/pathogens, then unexplained deaths, then maybe 'outside the hospital but not unexpected' deaths.

What that means in our fairly area is that if your death isn't a suspected homicide you probably won't get an autopsy. The only way to get that information would be to hire a forensic pathologist to do the work for you.

There are some incredible statistics available at the states Medical Examiner's website . http://www.ok.gov/ocme/Statistics/index.html

Just in 2010 there were thirty five thousand cases of which five thousand were examined or autopsied. Staff information is also available on the site.

I would recommend following up with whichever part of the governor's office this agency reports too. Find your local State office Senator (not the US Congressional one) as they may be more in tune with your community.

Will increasing staff make the system more effective? If so, could that money be used elsewhere to greater benefit?

Perhaps we should learn what the issue is before offering suggestions.

Sorry for your loss. This must be heartbreaking.

My condolences.

You might be able to get a more timely response by hiring a private medical-examiner/coroner.

It seems he isn't due to die until 5 months from now... ah nevermind they fixed the date.

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