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HTML5 webcam2gif (hdragomir.github.io)
96 points by cientifico 1611 days ago | hide | past | web | 16 comments | favorite

Thank you for making /r/gonewild a better place!

I made a similar web app a few weeks ago: http://gif.gg/

It allows to do stop motion animations: http://gif.gg/0HV7by http://gif.gg/tp7j5Sq



For anyone interested in the getUserMedia API, I recommend Photobooth.js http://wolframhempel.github.io/photobooth-js/

Here's the bluescreen GIF-maker I made with it: http://mapmeld.github.io/bluescreen-gif/

This is pretty awesome. Can't wait to show it to my daughter tomorrow. Will probably come home from work to a full disk on my laptop.

Doesn't seem to work or ask me for webcam permissions on Chrome.

I've been hearing about this from one other person. I think it might have something to do with some settings, but it's hard to make sure.

I did use it on Chrome and it worked perfectly well after I allowed the browser to use my webcam. For what it's worth my webcam is Logitech C270.

This is a neat project by the way. Thank you for your work.

Did you click the gray bar? It's not automatic.

well done, great stuff

Is there a way to adjust the size/res of the final gif?

you can fork it on github. https://github.com/hdragomir/facetogif

640x480 produces huge gifs (20+MB for 10s) since dithering is not yet implemented. You can use any online gif optimiser, though.

nice one!

this rules

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