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Digg Reader Rollout (digg.com)
87 points by turoczy 1611 days ago | hide | past | web | 18 comments | favorite

Would love to hear from anyone using this what their thoughts are. Pity that they didn't post any screenshots up.

Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/beNrvCU.png

My initial thoughts are that it's dead-simple (not what I had expected) with minimal functionality. The only feature I requested in my survey was to add a Mark All As Read -> Older Than A Day option.

I'm not too fond of the excessive whitespace in the reading pane. It could just be my browser.

I'm looking forward to trying this because it's a simple UI (maybe I drank the cool aid). I tried Newsblur but found the UI way too busy and some of the functionality confusing.

Ah thanks! Agree with excessive whitespace comment.

It has feel of google-reader and has this Paper-service inclusion which seems to be a good thing to try out :) posted a screenshot on https://plus.google.com/116652754764170659317/posts/RexLipFr...

Not much to it, honestly. I've yet to add or delete any feeds, but the core functionality is, at the very least, as solid as Google Reader. I'm going to let it sink in for a bit before I make a judgement call.

Well, I'm getting "There was a problem submitting your email."

It would be nice to know if that's just code for "no more signups" or if the problem is actually with my email.

It's being wonky on my end, as well. I had participated in their surveys months ago, which should have afforded me access by now, but still no email. I also signed up manually, and still nothing. I guess there are kinks in the invite system, no biggie, I'll give it a day.

Shouldn't be the former. I just signed up literally within the past 5 minutes. Well, unless you got really unlucky...

yikes, sorry to hear that. can you drop me your email and i'll make sure you get an invite link. i'm at my username at digg. thanks!

I've only been registered for about 15 min, but so far it's good. It's very basic with a decent layout, but it's really fast. That might just be because no one is on yet, but the UI seems faster than reader.

I also agree that less whitespace would be nice.

hey guys - Mike Young from Digg here. thanks for the comments. would love hear everyone's feedback if you give it a try. i agree on the whitespace too - something we are updating now. lots of fixes+features coming. we're rolling it out today but if you'd like an invite link, please drop me an email...which is my username at digg. thanks!

Is it just me or is the article text too far to the right? Had it with every feed I tried.

On the plus side, lightning fast (especially the import).

hi! yeah, we are going to move the content more to the left instead of centered. glad to hear it's fast for you!

Considering that this is Digg Reader's first public outing, it is very, very good. This can only bode well. Well done guys!

thanks Nick - really appreciate that! still a lot of fixes/features to add..

One thing I have noticed is that the boldface on unread articles appears to be off.

For example, one of my subscriptions is Hacker News (http://news.ycombinator.com/rss). If I 'mark all as read' then the unread count goes to 0 and all articles titles appear in plain text, as expected. 10 minutes later the unread count is now 4. Click on that subscription and there is now maybe a dozen or more titles in bold text - and not just the top dozen (the most recent) but randomly spread out.

Anyone want to replace Google's SMS search feature -- that they cancelled. (I don't use it).

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