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Want to Understand Mortality? Look to the Chimps (nytimes.com)
58 points by robg 1488 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

Reading the poignant description of Pansy’s death, I recalled a quote that captures my feelings quite accurately:

This shouldn't ought to exist.

Chimps commit brutal murders of their own kind (is murder only murder when it's a killing of your own species?) and are very violent. Completely irrelevant to this story but thought I'd throw it in there.

> Chimps commit brutal murders of their own kind

As opposed to human beings?

No, exactly like human beings. That's the point.

They use tools, make wars, and create words.

It is interesting that the ancient Hebrews believed that certain animal species possessed "soulish" qualities or qualities that expressed emotion, will, mind, and the ability to form relationships with each other. The word nephesh is applied in this way to both humans and certain animals.

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