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As much as i love Solaris (and ZFS and dtrace and Zones and all the nice things Sun and Joyent brought) i wish this would be available for Linux as well.

Edit: Ok, so it's called "Joyent Manta Storage Service" and the tutorial talks about creating accounts on the joyent cloud. So this is a Service, not a software? Sorry about the confusion then... I thought it would be a new software for SmartOS or Solaris...

If you like the general concept, you should check out BashReduce. As silly as it sounds, it is quite powerful.


Manta is an Object Store with Compute in-situ. The client is OS agnostic AFAIK - you can use a linux instance as your client if you want.


It's not "for" any particular system. It's a Unix environment.

How is it a unix environment? On the first glance i don't really get how it is implemented. That's why i supposed that this only runs on SmartOS. Is the object store software downloadable somewhere? The tutorial mentions creating an account on the Joyent cloud...

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