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1. Hear about cool new technology for the 3rd time, this time seeing a clear application for how it could be used

2. Get really excited and go to technology's homepage.io

3. Get 40% through homepage.io's tutorial before I get frustrated and confused

4. Shelve new technology away in my brain as a list of potential things I could build something with

5. Months later, get a really Cool Idea for something I could build with new technology and become overwhelmed with a need to build it

6. Fight my way back through homepage.io's tutorial, "getting it" much more this time, and augmenting the tutorial to start building Cool Thing.

7. Fight through errors striving for how I think the technology should work by hundreds of googles and stack overflows

8. Create minimally viable Cool Thing, get really excited. Friends don't understand what was so hard and why I'm excited, as I could have built the same thing in X technology I already knew, but they think Cool Thing is pretty neat

9. Start fixing bugs on Cool Thing and realize I don't understand how the internals are actually working, so go back to documentation/notable book resource/new technology videos and devour them because I have the clear purpose of refining Cool Thing.

10. Cycle through several iterations of Cool Thing and realize I know New Technology pretty well now

11. Hear about cooler newer technology, and read that I could accomplish in one line what it took me 100 to do in cool new technology...

12. goto 1

Exactly this. That "I need to get this done" urge drives me to go through the tutorial/book that I previously did not complete due to lack of direction/need.

Hah! Scarily accurate.

Do it in one line?

Javascript callback functions don't count as "one line". :)

I mean, you could technically do a callback function in one line.

Haha +1 to this... Familiar path, this is how I learned Clojure.

Das my life, too.

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