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A formula for disrupting Construction in the United States:

* Pre-fabricate everything

* Assemble onsite using non-union labor

* Move away from "Cost-Plus" pricing structures

Construction has Razor Thin Margins for a number of reasons, not the least of them being the incentives associated with Cost-Plus bidding. Non-Union labor and Pre-fab would literally upend the industry.

The problem, as with most mature industries, is policy-based and not technical in nature.

Construction is as ripe for Innovation as Medicine, and an equally difficult water to navigate.

You're missing the step that includes a decades long pr campaign to destigmatize pre-fab housing.

On the way. Believe it or not my parents house was so old they built the cabinets and original doors onsite by hand! Back in the old days they literally dropped off a pile of raw wood, none of this prefab cabinets, prefab windows, prefab doors, etc. They even hand laid tile rather than using a fiberglass tub surround.

I saw a relatively small apartment building go up in Cambridge MA a couple years ago, built from prefab modules. I very much doubt the rent is lower than the site-built buildings down the street.

One-story modular houses in trailer parks have a stigma, perhaps for a reason. Can you think of any other type of modular construction that has a PR problem?

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