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Narcissistic babble.

It's not about me, not at all.

It's about the course and optimization as a field, especially in business.

So, I contributed.

Since I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt, I'm able to make some contributions few others can, but to make these contributions I have to draw on some of my personal experiences. It's not about me or "narcissistic".

And, it's not "babble": Instead, in some situations it's darned valuable information, that I very much wish I'd had long ago. With that information, I would have avoided trying to have a career in optimization. Much of my Ph.D. is in optimization; some of the rest of my Ph.D. may yet prove to be valuable, but the optimization part was essentially a waste. Yes, we expect some useless chaff in with the good wheat, but still we don't like it. Optimization cost me a lot.

Broadly optimization is a siren song, especially for people with at least one foot in computing. Since in principle and sometimes in pracitice the field can save money, enough to give quite high ROI, the song sounds good. Alas, mostly the song is not good but an invitation to disaster, to taking a career into a swamp.

I gave you some rare and good insight that could be quite valuable; ignore it if you wish.

"Experience is the great teacher, and some will learn from no other".

I learned about optimization from experience; it's the very expensive way to learn; if you throw away what I reported from my experience, then you get to take the expensive way, also.

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