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The Dreyfus affair (wikipedia.org)
13 points by t0dd on June 23, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

I'm not really sure what posting this is supposed to indicate. Dreyfus didn't steal and "leak" documents: He was framed.

Or maybe it's just random Wikipedia link day and I didn't notice.

It's a shame that it seems many who took it upon themselves to flag all the repetitive drek being posted on the front page have lost their flagging privileges. I guess "anything good hackers would find interesting" has evolved in a wonderful new direction.

I'm sorry you find a Wikipedia article documenting a historical event so beneath you. It must also be flippant remark day, and I didn't notice. I found some interesting parallels. I like the idea of a few individuals rising to the defense of an unfairly accused person, working together to change minds/attitudes, transforming the political landscape, and eventually exonerating him. Your intellectual dexterity should reveal to you a modern relevance. I found the letters of Émile Zola inspiring, and I thought the affair worth sharing--in case anyone didn't know about it.

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