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Hey, mocl creator here. I apologize for the minimal website. We are building it out as quickly as we can. Bit hectic with a fixed release date we were trying to meet (and did meet).

It is real, though. I gave a talk about it at ECLM 2013 http://weitz.de/eclm2013/.

Then why even release it? You're releasing a new "coding method" for mobile platforms with no documentation, no sample code, no example applications, no benchmark backups.

Nobody is going to hand over $200 without at least some of those items listed above. So it just seems a bit strange to even want to release it.

I'm just saying you should slow down a little bit, take a look at http://www.rubymotion.com/ for example. It's the same sort of thing, Ruby for iOS. They provide both examples, publicly available documentation, they even have a way to try it out yourself and see what it looks like.

For what it's worth I just put up some code so you can see better how it works.

So, you write the UI code in Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS, then there is some build process for both platforms?

This seems a little awkward. A sample project setup to build for both platforms would be useful to see.

For some types of applications, the native UI boilerplate would probably be minimal, but for apps with complex UIs, this might add a lot of dev overhead.

Don't get me wrong though, this looks cool!!

congrats on reaching your deadline, but now you've shot yourself in the foot in another way by tarnishing the..."brand", for want of a better term. you can pat yourself on the back for hitting your target date without having to prematurely publicly release the whole thing.

A month ago mocl was considered vaporware by many. Not releasing it was damaging their "brand".

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