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This is exactly what I am looking for and I would probably buy it if I had some reassurance that it would actually work. Where is the docs? The sample code? Proof of concept apps that can be downloaded from app stores? Fine print for what is allowed in the different licenses?

Documentation, and a little bit of sample code is included in the download. The license agreement is viewable at http://wukix.com/mocl-license-agreement.

With fine print I meant answer to questions like "what do I get in a commercial license that I do not get in a personal license?" as it is written it could mean that with a personal license you are not allowed to earn money from apps, or it could mean that it would only cover a single developer (then how many developers do I get for the commercial license?)

Also by actually reading that license it seems to contradict what you promise elsewhere, it says: "All fees shall be non-refundable".

Personal just means you are buying it with your own funds and not being reimbursed by a company. You are free to make paid apps with it. I'll work on language to clarify.

Thanks for pointing out the contradiction there. We may be going above and beyond what is required of us by the license, in the case of refunds. But we'll still do so.

Can you guys provide something to look at before I pay? A free but limited version like Lispworks will be ideal and may increase your numbers.

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