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Snowden with WikiLeaks legal advisers over Russian Airspace (twitter.com)
65 points by andyv88 1466 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

I wondered who helped him coordinate this plan. Moving through 4 nations (HK/China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela) when you're on the run requires a lot of assurances you'll actually make it through each step.

Well, now we know who helped.

While I generally support what Snowden has done, there are certainly things he knows that would actively harm the US if they were leaked. Operational details of the NSA, etc. The NSA does have legit spying to be doing, after all.

I hope he's not trading that information for passage.

Tragically that would be the US's own fault for creating such a hostile environment for whistleblowers.

Interfax: 15:41 Snowden has no Russian visa, will wait for flight to Havana in airport transit zone source

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