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dsirijus 298 days ago | link | parent

Well, there's flip side to this "fad" - with its simplicity, it is nudging us further towards content-oriented design. Or at least that's the general sentiment I'm perceiving.

The flat design movement is kind of a √úberdesign, in Nietzschean terms. Tear it up, and build it properly from ground up. Or, that is the positivist view on the "fad".

Of course, I'm here ignoring hundreds of years of advancements in design, as a broad category. :) But we talk web/apps, so that's ok.

btipling 298 days ago | link

How do you say 'content-oriented design' with a straight face? What's the alternative? 'Helpful interactive design'? 'Clearly indicate where things are clickable design'?

I get that flat is meant to strip away unnecessary ornamentation, but depth has a purpose. We aren't living in a 2 dimensional universe. Our screens may be 2 dimensional right now, but that doesn't invalidate the use of depth to provide helpful hints to the user. Abandoning a tool in your toolbox because of misguided principles. You'd rather hit your nail with a wrench than use a hammer, you don't want to be seen using a hammer, that's not fashionable. Flat design is what happens when designers over-think problems at the expense of usability. Flat design is frustratingly naive. It's a revolution of the unexperienced who through desire to leave a mark, only left the impression that they wanted to make one. All at the expense of unhappy users.


adamauckland 298 days ago | link

> How do you say 'content-oriented design' with a straight face? What's the alternative?

Many graphic designers who have become 'web designers' will simply colour in wireframes rather than working with actual content. Therefore you end up with a design full of gradients, curved corners and shadows because that's all they have to work with.

Which is odd considering the core of graphic design relies on understanding the content and message, in essence the form follows the function.


mgkimsal 298 days ago | link

> What's the alternative?

Design-oriented design.


dsirijus 298 days ago | link

I say it with a straight face because I've attended a fashion show or two.

To be clear, I just think flat is a solid stepping stone in right direction, nothing more.


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