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LinkedIn's value is not centered around your personal profile - it's about the other people that are linked to you and will always have an up-to-date CV/contact details for you.

It is a self-updating rolodex, Outlook Contacts list, phone book, whateveryouwanttocallit.

I really don't want to bookmark 300+ individual pages that all have different creative layouts, get moved, etc. My LinkedIn profile stays up-to-date, you update yours, that's the implicit deal. And we all profit from it. all being defined as a western work related group, english spoken. this is not facebook. Link your gitbub repo from there, absolutely, good idea, but having LinkedIn as your standardized contact info is very valuable.

is LinkedIn managed in a bad way? sure. But for some reason the modern business world has chosen it to focus on it. Xing and other local players never grew enough. the benefits of starting out it in the US. all the surrounding crap they're building is fluff, their core feature is being a global rolodex. would love to slap sense into their product management team.

Thus I've never had more than minimal info on my linkedin profile.

As of this writing, I only have my undergrad and grad school names listed. I don't think I even have my areas of study on there.

Works perfectly as a rolodex.

I don't even have that; just my name and the other required stuff. I still accept connections in the hope that I will join one day, but that seems more and more unlikely.

linked-in's value is also linked somewhat to your curiosity to check who has viewed your profile.

This feature was interesting, but on the other hand it affected my own ability to look at other people's profiles - because, no, I don't want people to know that I looked at their profile.

Which is why I completely disabled it. Having the ability to see who viewed your profile seemed cool at first, but then again, it's useless and the downsides are great.

Quick link for the setting to browse anonymously: https://www.linkedin.com/settings/?tab=profile&modal=nsettin...

+1 to pinaceae

You already upvoted him. No need to comment to that effect.

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