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According to a staff reply[0] on the forums, your assignments will only submit the output of your programs so you can use any language you'd like in the course. Did anyone do the Scala course that ended last month? This course seems like the perfect place to try out your newly developed functional programming skills.

I've watched the preliminary videos and I've got to say this seems like some really good stuff. If you like programming challenges, you should definitely sign up for this course. All the assignments and video lecturers are available from the start so you can study at your own pace but you need to submit your assignments on time to receive credit.

Also look out for:

- Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1[1]

- Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications[2]

They're both starting in 12 days on July 1st.

[0, You may need to be enrolled and logged in to view this thread] https://class.coursera.org/optimization-001/forum/thread?thr...



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