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From the lecture: "These are the problems we are going to deal with. If you find any efficient solutions for all of them call me. And don't tell ANYONE"

FYI, so far it seems that this course requires lot of hours...

He mentioned that you may need to invest about 12 hours a week on the assignments but that figure is more accurate regarding the latter assignments as they get harder as you go along.

The first week's assignment does not seem that hard after having watched the lecture but I've yet to submit my assignment.

It's a free course and there's no harm in enrolling and giving it a shot. At very least, you'll be exposed to some new and interesting stuff. At best, you'll master some new and interesting stuff.

To me, this seems like the kind of stuff that'll make me "level-up" as a programmer so I'm pretty excited and enthusiastic right now.

Ugghhh, I signed up for this, my only complaint with coursera is there are way too many classes I want to take. Am already taking two classes that are about to wrap up and am probably spending 15-20 hrs/wk on them (lectures included). Hopefully I can manage the load for the next two weeks.

Hehe, same here! So many fantastic courses to choose from, not enough time :)

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