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Wow. Impressive project, especially as a university assignment (I am assuming a bachelor's degree), considering I see a lot of people graduating university without being able to even write the most basic CRUD app.

I myself can't even manage to finish a simple 2d game I started months ago.

Kudos to the author.

Nicely complements the nearby thread "Building a Modern Computer from First Principles" https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5888705

as a Computer Science student, I am embarrassed that this is true at least for me, though I am eager to learn...

the eagerness is the most important thing in learning.

I'm sure we all know SE major students who aim to get a job as a "project manager" right off the bat, not because they actually love/know anything about managing a project, but simply because it is a managerial position where you don't have to code.

Its only embarrassing if you've tried and couldn't figure it out.

And given up trying to!

As a student who is hoping to study Computer Science in a years time, I hope that the university I enrol at encourages such projects!

Mine has absolutely zero appreciation for anything that is not closely related to academia -- I wish you much, much better luck.

Pretty much they all are.

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