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The liberal use of fluorescent colours makes it an eyesore. Apply (or Ive) simply does not understand graphic design anymore. It's a disaster of epic proportions.

Things that are "disaster[s] of epic proportions": floods, genocide, NSA spying

Things that are not: fucking betas of mobile telephone software

dis·as·ter (d-zstr, -ss-) n. [...] 2. Informal: A total failure: The dinner party was a disaster. [...]


Your use of the word 'epic' was juvenile exaggeration, or illiteracy. Appealing to 'informal usage' when trying to express criticism is also juvenile or illiterate. And WTF is the free dictionary? The only source you could find to echo your mangling of English?

Your use of the word illiterate was juvenile exaggeration

I don't think it's the color, I think it's the backgrounds. With less spacing between elements on the home-screen, putting a background - even a simple gradient - makes it insanely busy. Spots where they show a more elaborate background are cringeworthy. There's a reason WP switched to solid colors.

I think the bright elaborate icons would look fine on a jet-black or solid white background.

Going back to Vista, Microsoft initially pushed the translucent window chrome with its Aero theme. The borders were increased to provide larger targets for resizing, and the translucency made the window feel lighter. Even with the blurring that provided a frosted glass feel, it made everything feel busier. Windows 8 backtracked on the looks of Vista and Windows 7 by de-emphasizing the glass. This was done to make desktop apps feel more like Windows 8 apps, to reduce battery use (although they still use a 3d compositing engine, so I don't know that there is actually much of a difference in power use between glass and no glass), and to declutter the experience. iOS 7 doesn't feel de-cluttered to me. It actually seems to borrow most of the things I disliked about Windows Vista and 7 in terms of visual distraction when they use transparency. And then they flatten the UI so that elements like buttons have less visual distinction from static content. For flat UI done better, look at Windows Whistler (Windows XP betas) running the Watercolor theme. http://mirror.stisitelkom.ac.id/files/PC%20Media%20Repositor... While some things have been improved over the past decade, it's interesting to see UI design return to some of the visual feel of this abandoned theme, but with more clutter. I'm not going to say that Watercolor is perfect, but its strength was clarity, something that seems abandoned in most "modern" designs. It appears that I'm not the only one who sees the similarity... http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/046/9/d/windows_phone...

"The liberal use of fluorescent colours makes it an eyesore. Apply (or Ive) simply does not understand graphic design anymore."

I take it that you are a world authority on graphic design to cast such aspersions. Up there with the likes of Vigelli, Brody and Müller-Brockmann?

"It's a disaster of epic proportions."

No, it really isn't.

I am the consumer; the bigger authority.

So no then. In fact you don't actually know what you are talking about at all. Whilst you are more than entitled to your opinions on any given subject, saying something like "Apply[sic] (or Ive) simply does not understand graphic design anymore." isn't at all constructive. It's worse than that actually. Casting an aspersion like that is entirely vapid, and no amount of snide logical twists are going to change that.

It wasn't meant to be constructive. It was meant to be an opinion.

And like assholes, everybody's got one...

I really have to agree with this. As a 30 something male, I feel like Aple has made something my 12 year old daughter will love but that leaves me very much out in the cold.

I was hoping that some UX issues would be addressed in 7 but alas, it's fonts and colours that seem most important to I've and co.

I'm literally shopping round for an Android after using only iPhones since 2007.

Experia Z seems like the front runner at the moment.

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