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What iOS 7 design should have been (dribbble.com)
20 points by hbbio 1566 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Yes, the design of iOS 7 should have been a static mockup with slightly tweaked vector icons. Feel the burn, Jony.

While the original poster oversold it, admittedly they are nicer looking icons. The new safari icon apple designed is a crime.

First reaction to iOS 7 presentation on stage and web screenshots: ugh.

Reaction after using it for a day, then seeing all these alternate designs: "I see what Apple did there."

After using it, I think there are subtle decisions being made over at Apple about these icons based on how end users perceive, differentiate, and use them not on a slide but on the screen, and how they will transition to them.

I think many of these design comps miss those experience and engagement rationales.

That said, I don't get Game Center. :-)

This is the nicest redesign I've seen so far. Only issues I see is that Safari looks like a compass without the 'world' iconography, and the gradients in passbook could be toned down some. Photos and Game Center could probably benefit from a subtle gradient in their backgrounds as well.

The backgrounds they're using in these promotions are what get me. Chill with the abstract colors fields. It looks like they're trying to imitate the prototypical android phone.

Wow, it's interesting how such subtle changes make it look so much better. This looks like the iOS 7 I was expecting to drool over.

Thanks (I'm the author). I tried to keep the Jony Ive spirit, but fully reimplemented it (with Sketch).

Hey! I heard it was a developer preview! Meaning, what you see, may not be the final product. Who knew?!? :)

Really nice. A lot more than I can say for the real thing. It upsets me that the actual thing looks so bad.

No matter what you do to it, the Game Center icon will still suck.

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