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The Meteor Framework Demystified (jasoncrawford.org)
5 points by jasoncrawford on June 12, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

It occurs to me you might like this:

* https://atmosphere.meteor.com/

* http://www.discovermeteor.com/ - It's definitely my favorite Meteor textbook, and not just because it's an interactive Meteor app.

Re: "There is not yet a way to break up an app into pages"

- https://atmosphere.meteor.com/package/router

Re: the toys on madewith.meteor.com

There actually are a quite a number of production apps, rapidly growing, including:

- Gander.io - email syncing across devices

- JSpot (JoinJSpot.com) - Jewish dating site

- 26Plays.com - playlist manager

- ApplyBin - application manager

- EdThena - ed tech

- Torsh.co - ed tech

And a certain interactive textbook. :)

Re: scaling, multiple instances, etc.:


Cool. The Meteor package system seems very powerful, so I imagine you can do almost anything you want with the right packages.

The reason I said it's not quite ready for prime time is that some of the key things you want to do, like APIs or scaling, are currently available only through third-party packages and aren't officially supported.

Still, it's a cool framework that's come a long way, I think it might be a great production platform in a matter of months.

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