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Nah, you're more likely to never receive your snail mail due to incompetence of the goddamn service.

These are not photoshopped:




What's the problem? This is in Russia where it gets REALLY cold in winter and never thaws for several months. Or did you think that they would haul the parcels into a heated building for sorting? Nope. As any Canadian knows, that kind of snow falls off as soon as you shake the parcel and the paper (at freezing temperatures) is so slick that it is as if it was lubricated. Most of that snow will fall off from the vibration of the ride inside the sorting building. And the recipients will never know that it happened.

Plus, it is a Russian tradition to wrap things in plastic before putting them in the parcel postal boxes.

> What's the problem?

The problem is that processing centers are overloaded. As a result, more and more boxes and parcels pile up. Sometimes it gets even more ridiculous, like recently in Moscow, when some boxes caught fire.

Besides, the whole processing system is so ineffective, that you could send a box from China to Far Eastern Russia (relatively small distance), which would first land to be processed in Moscow (great distance) and then be sent back to Far East.

Also, there is a queueing problem in the goddamn post offices, I won't even get started on that, it is so infuriating.

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