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KGB is much better than NSA: they simply don't have money for data processing on that scale.

Yandex Mail is a great competitor to gmail, some things even work better -- you've got a separate list of thread's attachments, ability to unsubscribe from whole spam categories in one click, SMS (maybe only in russia) and so on

That's a dangerous assumption to make, many world governments may have purchased intelligence from the NSA and now they'll have to re-allocate funds for locally-sourced intelligence.

Outsource your domestic spying to the NSA cloud!

EDIT: How do we do it? By saving money on counter-intelligence! it's a win-win!

Only until patio11 convince them to increase the monthly price 10-fold.

A quick search found estimates for the FSB's budget in 2005 was over 60 billion rubles, which would have been about $2 billion USD back then.


That seems like a very healthy budget to me.

FSB does not need the money for it, but they already spy on everyone for 15 years. In Putin's Russia, the ISPs purchase the necessary equipment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SORM

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